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SmartSide 76 Series Primed Engineered Panel Siding (0.437-in x 48-in x 96-in). LP® SmartSide® products combine the rich cedar-grain texture of traditional wood siding with the advanced performance of treated engineered wood — to help extend its curb appeal for years to come This type of siding is custom made and is generally made from hardwood, making it easy to find split wood siding made out oak, cypress, and cedar. It is important that this type of siding is sawed while the bark is still intact

We offer different kinds of wood shingles that are made for today's homes, from high-quality grade Cedar shingles and Wallaba shingles, to the extreme durability of Teak shingles. Depending on the style or location of a given property, a homeowner might prefer one type of wood roofing shingle for any given number of reasons The wood shingle panels range from one-course panels 32 inches wide to three-, four-, and five-course panels 2 feet wide by 8 feet long, including panels with decorative patterns Depending on the shake size, thickness and style, prices may vary greatly. Overall, shingle and shake siding is 15-30% more expensive than other types of wood siding. This is especially true, when it comes to hand cut, natural wood shakes. However, you get what you pay for, as this is a truly one of a kind look, that cannot be replicated

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Pine fir is one of the most common types of wood siding available. Because pine fir is a softwood, it's generally less expensive and easier to access than other wood species. - Demeda offers Shou Sugi Ban Pine siding One of the simplest forms of wood siding, clapboard are essentially just solid dimensioned lumber that are installed horizontally in a shingling effect from the bottom to the top of the wall. Clapboard do not have rabbets or other patterns milled into them. They are historically around 3/4″ thick and come in varying widths

WOOD SHINGLE SIDING TYPES, PATTERNS WOOD SPECIES CHOICES for Wood Siding: properties of Cypress, red cedar, redwood, pine, spruce siding/shingles GRADING METHODS for Wood Siding Products PREMIUM GRADES OF WOOD SIDING, codes, types, rating Shingle wood siding has also been a popular siding of the decades for it's aesthetic appeal. Vertical Panel wood siding is also another type of wood siding, such as Board and Batten, Channel Groove, Tongue and Groove, and the more recent, T-111 and reverse board and batten styles Wood Shingle Siding; Shingles are made of uniform blocks of wood that may be cut and formed into different shapes. These shapes are cut with a machine that ensures the uniformity of shapes and sizes as well as a smooth texture for the pieces. A shingle siding is then created by applying the shingles over the wall exterior in an overlapping. Wood siding comes in a variety of shapes and styles. The most popular types of wood used for exterior siding are cedar, cypress, pine, fir, spruce, redwood, as well as engineered wood. Some of them are preferred for their looks, while some of them because they are resistant to rot and decay. It's up to you to choose your priorities Cedar shingles are graded #1 (blue label), the best, and #2 (red label), which are acceptable as underlayment when double-coursing (applying two layers). Widths are random-from 3 to 14 inches-and lengths are 16, 18, or 24 inches. Shingles are also available in specialty patterns

Wood shingle siding has always been a popular option for homes of all kinds. Whether you want a classic rustic look or something more modern, wood siding is a good choice. However, even within the category of wood siding, there are different options to consider. One option that has become an increasingly popular style of wood siding is shingle. Types of Wood Shingles Wood Types. The type of wood you choose for your roof will have a dramatic impact on your home's curb appeal. Take a look at the most common types of wood shingles: Red Cedar: Cedar has one of the most unique looks (and smells) out of any wood. If you want your roof to have a warm tone, this wood is a good choice Common types of wood siding include wood planks, boards or panels, and shingles. Wood clapboard lap siding is one of the oldest types of house siding, and you can see its beauty in many historic homes. The main drawbacks of wood siding are its high cost and relatively high maintenance needs

17 Different Types of Wood Siding for Home Exteriors

  1. Natural wood benefits from sub-options that nature takes care of manufacturing. For residential siding, the types of trees (grains) routinely used are pine, oak, spruce, cypress, cedar, redwood. With most wood siding projects, cuts are made to produce boards, or planks. How that surface appears indicates another sub-option dealing with grade
  2. Wood. The pros: Easy to cut, shape and install, wood siding is prized by designers and homeowners for its natural aesthetics. Whether it's board and batten, shakes, clapboards or shingles, there are an array of wood species and grades to consider. Quality wood siding can last decades with proper maintenance
  3. Wood Shingle Siding Photo by Mark Atkinson, Otto Design. Some types of wood siding can be installed over existing siding. For example, it's possible to install wood shingle siding over older clapboard siding. But in most cases, you're better off removing old siding prior to installing new wood siding
  4. Comes in various styles (bevel, tongue-and-groove, clapboard, shingle, shake, etc.); Eco-friendly. Cons: Expensive relative to other options; High-maintenance and can warp, rot or fade over time; Prone to pests. Engineered Wood. For the look of natural wood without the long-term maintenance issues, engineered wood siding is an ideal option.
  5. Wood shakes and shingles are almost always cedar, redwood, cypress or other wood type that is naturally resistant to moisture and insects. Wood shingles and shakes can be used on the entire exterior or installed to complement other siding types
  6. When siding the outside of a house, it's a good idea to redo the siding in such a way that it matches the style and design of the house. For example, a house built in the 1700s would probably have a different kind of siding than one that was built in in the 1930s or 1950s. Where the house is located could also affect the style of siding chosen
  7. TYPES OF WOOD SIDING FOR HOMES The most commonly used species include cedar, pine, spruce and mahogany. You can either leave the tree in its natural state, or paint it to fit its look even more to your desires

SmartSide 38 Series Cedar Texture Panel Engineered Treated Wood Siding, Application as 4 ft. x 8 ft. LP SmartSide Trim and Siding products offer LP SmartSide Trim and Siding products offer you the versatility to achieve stunning results with ease and always in style. It's been the siding of choice for over 20 years for homeowners who want uncompromising quality and distinctive curb appeal Engineered Wood Siding. Engineered wood or wood composite siding offers the same authentic look of wood siding but is lighter and more durable. Made from a combination of wood byproducts and a resin binder, it's strong enough to be nailed directly to the stud and can be painted or stained in a variety of colors. Wood composite siding is easy to. In rural Scandinavia, wood shingle roofs were a common roofing material until the 1950s. [disputed - discuss] Wood shingles are susceptible to fire and cost more than other types of shingle so they are not as common today as in the past. Distinctive shingle patterns exist in various regions created by the size, shape, and application method Garapa wood is a type of Brazilian timber. It is an up and coming wood that provides brilliant modern wood siding due to its durability and superior strength. Pros. Although it compares with many other types of wood in terms of strength and reliability, Garapa is a fantastic choice for hotter climates Wood shingle: Shingles aren't just for your roof—wood shingles can also be installed as siding. However, they're prone to loosening, cracking and warping without proper maintenance. Wood boarding: Strips of wood can be installed vertically or horizontally. Like most wood siding, this style requires maintenance (including regular.

Find Cedar wood siding shingles at Lowe's today. Shop wood siding shingles and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes.com SHIP LAP Shiplap Siding is a type of Drop Lap siding with tight joints similar to tongue and groove, but instead of a fitted groove it overlaps the next board usually by 1/2 to 3/4 . If you decide to install Shiplap siding vertically be sure to bevel cut the ends so water is directed to the outside Wood is a perennial favorite choice for siding options throughout the United States and Canada. Whether it is vertical siding like board and batten, or horizontal siding like clapboards, shakes. Engineered wood siding can represent significant savings over other siding options. The cost of engineered wood siding will vary depending on your location and the quality of materials. However, it typically ranges from $2.00 to $3.75 for materials, with installation costs ranging from $3.50 to to $10.00 per square foot Buy Premium Quality Roof Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Prestained Cedar Shingles, Wood Shingles Siding, Wood Shakes, Shingle Panels Products at Mill Direct Prices. [email protected] 1-877-850-1767 Hom

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  1. A large variety of styles and types of wood is available to suit different tastes. Wood siding can be painted and stained virtually any color. Oil-based stain or paint is typically applied to the rough-sawn side, which will readily absorb the coating. In many instances, wood siding can be repaired more easily than other forms of exterior cladding
  2. Installing real wood shingles can be a costly endeavor, but ultimately worth it in the end. With wood siding comes the benefits of being able to easily paint your house to change its look. You can also stain or re-stain for an added boost in curb appeal. There are a few downsides to wood siding, though, including a high up-front cost
  3. Wood Shingle. View in gallery. The advantage is the fact that this type of house siding is not necessarily linked to any particular style and can be easily customizing with stain or paint. For instance, this house designed by Place Architecture has a lovely modern appearance

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Wood siding is an exterior cladding material that is available in many types and styles. Wood siding can take the form of plywood, wood shingles, or linear board lengths. A primary distinction is made between horizontal and vertical siding. There are many minor variations in the way the siding is joined or fitted together during the. Some of the styles available in wood include hand-cut shakes, machine-cut shingles, clapboard and solid wood, plus many other choices. Cedar and redwood are common woods when it comes to choosing a wood for siding, because these types of wood are decay-resistant but many other woods can also be used if a certain look is desired

7 Stunning Wood Siding Types That Will Transform Your Hom

Individual wood shingles produce a different visual effect compared to board-and-batten, lap, or other types of wood siding. One of the most common traditional wood siding types is board-and-batten siding, which uses wide planks that are spaced apart with narrower boards (called battens) that cover each joint While wood siding is vulnerable to warping, rot, and insects, many of our customers prefer the traditional look of wood siding to other materials. Wood clapboard siding or wood shingles are also more expensive than other materials like vinyl, which makes it an investment in your home. Shake Siding. If you don't want to deal with the. In addition to the type of wood, there are also several styles of wood siding that will give it a different look. Popular styles include shakes, shingles, lap wood, board and batten (link to board and batten page), channel, tongue-and-groove, bevel (clapboard), split log and more. Superior Durabilit Wood shakes are thicker than wood shingles. There are two main types: (1) handsplit and resawn and (2) tapersawn. Handsplit and resawn shakes have the split face exposed with a naturally rustic appearance, and are sawn on the back. Tapersawn wood shakes are sawn on both sides for a semi-textured look with a stronger shadowline than a wood shingle

Shakes and shingles are easy to handle and install, though the job is time-consuming. Still, it is manageable with basic carpentry skills and tools plus a roofer's hatchet. Get a Pre-Screened Local Wood Shingle Siding Contracto Wood Siding Cost. Wood siding costs between $2 and $6 per square foot installed or from $3,000 to $8,000 for a 2,000-square-foot house. Wood siding is warm and classic, usually seen in the form of clapboard or cedar shakes; and it's very long lasting, as long as it's properly maintained the following wall types: 1)Basic Wall:Exterior -Brick on wood stud 2)Basic Wall:Exterior -wood shingle on wood stud 3)Basic Wall:Exterior -wood shingle over wood siding on wood stud 4)Basic Wall:Exterior -wood siding on wood stud are they not suppose to be there by default Wood Shingle Siding. Wood shingle siding is a versatile building material with a long history in Wisconsin. Wood shingles are made of either pine or cedar and installed in horizontal courses. As with all horizontally laid siding, the first course of wood shingles is installed at the top of the foundation Rustic siding is a broad term often applied to several types of siding milled to present an appearance much more like timber than their actual thickness. The classic example is log cabin siding—a peeled log simulation with shiplapped joints. Log cabin siding was common by the 1930s, in 6, 8, and 10 widths

Plastic siding. Wood clapboard is often imitated using vinyl siding or uPVC weatherboarding. It is usually produced in units twice as high as clapboard. Plastic imitations of wood shingle and wood shakes also exist. Since plastic siding is a manufactured product, it may come in unlimited color choices and styles Wood grading is something to pay attention to when choosing your cedar shingles or shakes for roofing or siding. There are four grades of wood. Grade 1: The highest-quality wood available, this type is made completely from edge grain cuts. It is guaranteed to be free of defects and will create a long-lasting roof What Kinds of Nails Are for Wood Siding?. Whether you install clapboard, T1-11, cedar shakes, or board-and-batten siding on your house, you can attach it with either nails or screws. Many builders. Wood Siding. Many Tri-state homeowners still prefer the look and feel of wood siding. This is particularly true when it comes to re-siding classic or historic homes. After all, wood cladding is often what other siding styles try to look like. The installation of new wood siding is only a good idea if the homeowner commits to maintenance Western Red Cedar exterior siding or cladding comes in a spectrum of patterns, including the one that is just right for your home's style and your budget. For specific Western Red Cedar siding grades, please visit the siding grading page

Florida wood shingles are typically ½ inch in thickness which tapers to hundredths of an inch at the top while wood shakes may vary from ½ to ¾ inches in thickness. The advantages of using wood shake and shingled roofing materials are mostly that they provide your Florida home with a very attractive, unique and natural look James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim products resist the effects of moisture and damage from mold. When there's a fire, James Hardie siding is much better at withstanding damage, while wood goes up in flames. See how our siding compares to wood siding

17 Different Types of House Siding (with Photo Examples

  1. istrative and recreation facilities. Roofs were covered with wood shingles or shakes. Many early Forest Service buildings were constructed from logs. Wood siding with a variety of profile
  2. The drawbacks to wood siding are the high cost of real wood and issues with flammability and potential insect infestation. Wood Shingle Siding: Wood shingle siding is usually made out of cedar or treated pine. Because of its high flammability, this type of siding has been restricted in some regions in the US. Hardboard & OSB Siding: Hardboard.
  3. How to buy the best wood house siding, including consumer report for wood shingle and shake, board and batten, and board siding, with wood materials and grades. Article by HomeTips.com. 2.3k. House Siding Wood Shingles Wood Sideboard Wood Paneling House In The Woods Clapboard Timber Cladding Wood Siding House Shiplap Siding

Maintenance - It's no secret that wood siding requires lots of maintenance; this, is both tiresome and costly. Some wooden shake siding shingles require a staining every 2-3 years and a painting every 4-6 years. In addition, shake siding is harder to clean than imitation cedar shake siding, and requires regular pest control from insects and animals Shingles are small, individual pieces of siding that are hung on the exterior in an overlapping fashion to cover the entire surface. They offer a more tailored look and work well on cottage-style. The shakes or shingles are usually stained in earth tones, browns, or grays. This is a really great look with less upkeep than clapboard that needs periodic painting. 4. Engineered or Composite Wood. Made with wood products and other materials to look like wood, these engineered materials are far less expensive than using actual wood for siding Mar 18, 2015 - Vinyl cedar shake shingle, looks like real wood, never stains, fades, or rots. It looks new for a lifetime. Exterior House Siding Shingle Siding Cottage Exterior Exterior House Colors Cedar Shingle Homes Cedar Shake Shingles Cedar Shakes Cedar Siding Painted Brick Ranch

3 Types of Siding that Are Easiest to Maintain. While you are deciding between types of siding to install on the exterior of your home, one important factor to consider is how much upkeep each one will require. Some types of siding need to be cleaned, repainted, and refinished on a regular basis, and others require hardly any maintenance at all. Clapboard Vinyl Siding. Also known as traditional lap siding, clapboard is available in an array of panel heights and colors. Designed to closely mimic the look of classic wood siding, this horizontal style is the most popular choice among modern homeowners who want the look of wood, without all the work Natural Wood Siding. If you're considering natural wood siding, you have several to choose from. Popular woods include cypress, pine, spruce and cedar. In addition, wood offers a variety of styles such as lap, shingle, shake, tongue and groove, board and batten and bevel. Wood siding requires painting or staining, offering a unique. 1. Types of Cedar Wood. The two main kinds of cedar wood used in crafting roofing systems are red cedar and white cedar. Red cedar is the higher priced of the two because of its extremely high quality, a key factor when considering cedar wood for the roofing or siding of your home. That's why we're partial to Western red cedar shingles and. The wood may sustain a few different types of damage: 1. Larger and smaller holes along the corner boards or on the siding of the house, resulting from nesting or roosting attempts, drumming, or insect foraging

Clapboard siding is a type of siding made from wedge-shaped boards which are designed to overlap with each other. The individual boards used in the siding are known as clapboards; and the siding itself may also be referred to as bevel , lap, or weatherboard siding in various regions of the world Installation of wood siding is quite simple, however, they are not resistant to ants, termites, fire, and other elements. Therefore, they do require more maintenance, as well as regular treatments, compared to other kinds of exterior siding. Wood siding prices can really add up when you factor in treatment and maintenance cost. Composite Siding Vinyl siding is one of the most widely used types of siding in the country. According to data compiled by the Census Bureau's Survey of Construction, almost 30% of homes are outfitted with vinyl siding, with stucco, brick and fiber cement following closely behind. Manufactured to look like genuine wood, vinyl siding comes with all the.

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Wood Siding (from Clapboard to Shingles to Wood Plank)- Basics, Review, Ratings Wood Options for Home Siding. The most common type of siding for a house is wood. Be it cypress, cedar, or redwood, the oldest and most prevalent look good and offer excellent insulation Installing wood siding costs approximately $13.89 per square foot. The total cost of installing wood siding is based primarily on the square footage (or the square, which equals 100 square feet) of the structure. The following chart outlines the total cost of wood siding based on the estimated square footage price Shake/Shingle Vinyl Siding. Architects and home designers love to use authentic shingle and shake siding in their creations. Vinyl options will offer the same look, texture, and colors of real shakes and shingles but at a fraction of the cost. This type of siding is often used on historic homes or gables, providing a distinctive and charming look

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Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today Engineered wood and fiber cement are both types of composite siding, which is made up of several other materials. LP SmartSide is a specific brand of composite based on wood—it's highly durable and can be painted to fit your tastes, plus it comes with a 50-year warranty The types of wood siding available are: bevel, shakes and shingles, engineered wood, board and batten, and split logs Board and batten siding is typically made of wood but not always as there's also the option of vinyl. The boards can be installed either vertically or horizontally and this can influence the overall look of the house, making it appear taller or wider. It's easy to install and maintenance is simple as well

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Fiber cement siding can be made to look like a variety of other siding materials, like wood. The biggest barrier of fiber cement siding is the fact that it's expensive to install Types of Wood Siding Sold as clapboards (also known as beveled siding), shingles (or shakes), paneling, board and batten, or vertical siding comprised of tongue-and-grooved boards. Relatively long-lasting (especially cedar products), wood siding should be painted or treated with preservatives to prevent rot and/or insect damage The term, pattern siding, refers to several types of wood siding that feature interlocking or overlapping joints. The most popular type of pattern siding is called V-jointed tongue-and-groove siding. Each 3/4-inch-thick board is milled with a tongue along one edge and a groove along with the other

Cedar Shingle Siding Cost - Installation Prices Per SqCertainTeed - Siding - Cedar Boards | Green siding, HouseShingle Brands: Only the Best - The Top 3 Shingle BrandsHardie Plank Archives - Midori HausChimney Siding Replaced | bcoxroofingCertainTeed Presidential Shake TL Shingle | Straight LineTwo Rustic Shingle Metal Roof Installs Back-to-Back, Quick

Although cedar shingles take more time to install than most other types of siding, they lend a rich, textured look to your exterior. If you're thinking of installing shingle siding, it's important to note that this option can be used only if the sheathing is boards, plywood, or OSB Your information hub for Certi-label® Shakes and Shingles. Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau is a non-profit organization, promoting the use of roof products Wood siding is one of the most beautiful of all types of siding — and one of the most expensive. If you'd like to avoid repairs that could cost thousands of dollars, and you'd like to keep your clapboard, shingles, or board-and-batten lasting for decades, regular upkeep and maintenance is critical

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